NOXPIRIA is the fruit of an inner seed.

It aims to implementing timelessness into jewelry, seeking to adorn the flesh through ideally personalized, statement objects.

It is about materializing ideas into transformative devices, building a bridge between the eternal now and the absolute unknown, embracing fault. Experimenting with organic and geometric forms alike, the jewelry you see is all a product of exploring forms and underlying symbolism, inspiration caught in moments that resemble the blink of the eye.

With a background in Architecture Studies, silvercraft was the medium for me to reach inner unexplored realms, teach myself in depth and manifest release. Collaborations with fellow designers and artists is also crucial in my ethics and i find myself wholeheartedly open in this community, so we can share and grow together lovingly.

So far this project has been a one-woman show, and it is an objective of my work to master an efficiently sustainable process from sourcing to materializing.  Among my goals I see the reaching of superior silversmith performance, embracing innovation, contemporary means of designing and implementation, whilst never sidestepping tradition and past knowledge.

All Noxpiria pieces are designed and handcrafted by me in my studio based in Athens, GR.