Care Instructions

All NOXPIRIA jewelry is made, assembled and polished by hand, using exclusively partially recycled .925 sterling silver. Due to their delicate nature, all pieces require careful handling and maintenance, so they can last a lifetime.

Care Instructions

/ .925 sterling silver naturally oxidizes when exposed to air, moisture and certain substances from our skin. It is advised you remove your jewelry when bathing and swimming, especially in hot springs, as chlorine, salt water and sulfur can accelerate tarnishing.

/ Store clean in a dry place, preferably inside your Noxpiria soft pouch or closed box.

/ To maintain the shine of your jewelry, wear often and use a polishing cloth or silver bath when needed.

/ Notice that all parts featuring seashells in Noxpiria designs should not be immersed in any chemical silver bath. Use warm water, mild soap and a polishing cloth instead.

A few notes on our partnerships

With each purchase from Noxpiria, you receive a personalized, handcrafted piece of adornment and help support slow fashion, sustainably operating partners & ethical choices from sourcing to manufacturing.

Pāua [also known as Abalone] shells are carefully chosen and sourced by Luméa, our suppliers who verify their ethical production process. They are handsawn and filed, before they become the very special part of your jewelry. If you wish to know more about the sourcing and certifications of all abalone shells used in Noxpiria jewelry, feel free to visit


Furthermore, all of Noxpiria jewelry is shipped all around the world packaged in biodegradable / home compostable satchels, created from plants by The Better Packaging Co. Upon receiving your package, you are advised to remove and recycle any attached paper stickers and proceed to composting your satchels according to your area's best facilities. You can also bury your satchels in your plant pots and let them biodegrade naturally or keep them safe and reuse ♡ Check the links below to find out more